I colour my reality with the colours of my dreams.
I am my art.
Bergina Leka
We know what we see, and we see what we know. This is why I want to know more, because I want to look further!

Photography to me is a language, which helps me communicate my ideas, desires, fears, worries. So, emotions are essential to my creativity, and I pour them into artistic outlets. By making art, I am exploring my own story and experiences, making meaning of them, achieving some catharsis, and inspiring or comforting others. This is why my photography documents how I’ve felt while I was walking the streets of the city, rather than the life there.

In my early days, I was more on observer rather than a participant. Back then, I pursued the concept of human loneliness, presenting this concept symbolically through isolated figures, turned away, blurred or camouflaged in the urban landscape. This perception is very much influenced by my studies in sociology, most importantly from the theories about super modernity.

In the recent years, I have become more and more a participant by observing myself and the environment and letting free the emotions to guide the final photograph. To better explore the relationship between the environment and me I’ve added poems to my photographs. It is a research within myself and a search of communication with the viewer. Although I am conscious that in front of the same landscape we have different emotions and feelings, I give to the viewer my poem, and there lies the truth about my emotions. So the dialogue is not only a visual one, but as well a linguistic one.

Currently I teach photography classes and workshops.