I remember very well the day when I finally saw in person The girl with the red Hat from Vermeer. I had seen it so many times on the books and the look of the girl has always captivated my imagination. I had however overlooked the size of the painting. When I finally stood in front of it I was even more surprised. I'd always thought that the main paintings of an artist should be big. And yet, that very small painting had and still does amaze me every time I look at it. That day I realised that a wonderful piece of art should not necessarily be of a big size, but it should transmit always big emotions. Now I am an artist myself and dedicate a lot of care to all my art pieces and I want you to be part of it. I take the photograph that inspires you, but you can decide the size, paper and the frame. I will guide you through selection and configuration, helping you create the work of art that will impress, create atmosphere, remind you of a good place. All work of art will be sold in limited copies of 20. A certificate of authenticity will be provided at the moment of purchase. For a special occasion or just a deserved treat, I’m here to help make it unique. Prices start from £150.00 A carefully selected and framed picture can give a unique and stylish touch to your room. To book an appointment and to browse the full catalogue, or if you would like to know more, please email to