My mother always told me – Happiness is just at the corner! I swear, when I was a kid, I checked every morning and every evening all the corners of my apartment, but I never found somebody or something saying to me – Hi, I’m Happiness, do you want to play with me?
One day, probably when I started to go to school, I realized that the world is so big and me, nothing more than a little drop in this enormous ocean. And than I thought, probably I’ve searched on the wrong corners. I started to search better, behind the curtains, inside the cupboard, I went in all the hidden and forgotten places. I went everywhere I could; I had a mission, finding Happiness. When the darkness came and I tired, finally could go sleeping, I had always the same dream;  I flew away, until I reached the valley plenty with poppies and where the air was so fresh, that I couldn’t stop breathing and feeling in my lungs the freshness penetrating me so deep.
Years after years, I grow up and a became a lady, but I never forgot my mission. I started a very long journey. Every where I went, I found just some tiny drops of pleasure, all mixed with the grey and sad sadness. And I start to search happiness even further, and I became like a crazy bee without a right flight path. Stress penetrated me so deep devastating my dreams. I got lost and I started to doubt – was really me who flew every night to the valley plenty with poppies? Was really me who ran to catch the wind? Was really me who searched for Happiness every morning and every evening?
Years flew away like the leaves in autumn and I realized that for a very long time  I’ve  heard people calling my name without understanding its meaning. I’ve heard people shouting their dreams without giving me the permission to share mine too. I couldn’t recognize words anymore, all I heard was a mixture of rumours.
What have I done? I was so focused on finding Happiness, that I didn’t realized that my present, my life was slipping from my hands. I was on the wrong place and I was counting time in the wrong way.
I was losing the chance to find happiness. When I fell desperate and started to cry, I remembered the words of a wise woman. “To understand light, we must know darkness. To understand the words, we must know the silence. To understand company, we must know loneliness”.
So, I closed first my mouth, than the door, I turned off the lights and stayed in this limbo for a long while. People forgot me, and left me alone. Sleeping was so hard at the beginning, eating was impossible. When I was nothing more than some bones, suddenly I started to sleep, and than to eat and than to dream my valley again. I woke up, washed my face, put on my mascara and a party dress and finally, after a long time I said Hello to the world. Was always me, but I wasn’t the same person anymore. I was different; my mission was different – Living my life! Living every day, every second and enjoying everything. I felt this positive energy penetrating me in me deep and making me feel so light. I was back. One day when the sun rose up and said hallo to me, I realized that I was in the arms of a man who loved me and I was sure that I loved him too. I heard the voice of my mother saying to me “Happiness is just at the corner”, and I finally understood what she meant.
This is Serendipity