I must admit, I’m not a fan of horror movies. However I was too curious about Shining. Everybody I met kept saying that I had to watch it. That movie was a must for everybody.
So, I armed my self with courage and popcorn and almost two years ago, I watched it.
It is indeed one of the most scariest movies I’ve ever seen. I remember hiding my face behind the cushion and feeling small like an ant at the corner of my couch. I was scared, but I was as well very much fascinated. Stanley Kubrick had indeed directed one of the most scariest and beautiful films of the history.
The scene of Danny playing with his tricycle is still very strong in my memories. Now, when I am in a hotel, I do have the feeling the twins will pop out and will invite me to their terrifying room 237. Although a part of me is still scared, I always dedicate some time to my touristic tour of the hotel. Now I can’t leave it without taking a photo of its corridor, as a proof that i couldn’t find the twins … not yet.
I am still looking for the twins!